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Cody Aquino -- Men's Basketball
Cody Aquino -- Men's Basketball

Cody Aquino -- Men's Basketball

Tell us about how you first got involved with your sport. When did you first get interested and began participating? What is it about the sport that you enjoy so much?

I first got involved with the sport when my family would bring me to the park to learn how to ride my bike. While I was learning how to do so, my older brother and Dad would be playing pick-up basketball and I would watch them every time. Ultimately, I became interested during the 5th grade and began shooting around with them whenever I got the chance to. The part about the sport that I enjoy so much is the competitive feeling I get while I’m on the court. I enjoy the process of development that comes with the sport as well because I’ve come a long way skills-wise and am continuing to learn. 

What got you here to Orange Coast College? Tell us about your journey to OCC.

My journey started right after high school in the year 2021 in Hawaii. As I was hoping to find somewhere to play college basketball, my club basketball coach helped me get connected with the coaching staff at Orange Coast College. After a good meeting with them via zoom, they aided my decision to attend the school. I felt grateful knowing the staff were giving me a chance to pursue my goal of becoming a college basketball player and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision thus far.

If I asked your coach or teammates about what type of person you are on your team, what do you think they would say?

If you asked my coach or teammates about the type of person I am on my team, they would say I’m a team-first guy who tries to bring positive energy through anything I participate in. My development as an individual has been completely different compared to my first year here at Coast and I have become focused on carrying myself with a next-play mentality. This ultimately guides me to be able to have a consistent positive attitude in whatever I’m doing. I feel like the word 'leader' would also be thrown around because I try to keep in mind the things I can control in order to allow our team to succeed collectively. Whether that’s encouraging someone during the game or practices or controlling huddles during games. In general, trying to be another voice for my teammates to motivate them.

Sports is always described as a great metaphor for life. The ups/downs, struggles, successes, both on/off the court. What has basketball taught you that will serve you well beyond your playing years?

Basketball has taught me success never comes without true hard work and discipline. It’s the ability to do the hard things every day -- even in the moments you don’t want to -- that will ultimately allow you to succeed in life. Basketball has also taught me that all your actions and habits are connected to your results. The way you carry yourself in school, your ability to show up on time and other small actions all play a part in your performance in the long run. By handling your business in all aspects of life, it’ll allow you to have a higher chance of good things to happen to you. Even if you fail, at least you’ll have the discipline to keep it going.

When you're not involved with your sport, what do you enjoy doing for fun? Any hobbies or interests and that keep you busy in your spare time?

I enjoy watching movies and trying new food spots. Being from Hawaii, it’s always fun to try the different foods that California has to offer due to all the cultures represented here.

Who would be your all-time sports favorite athlete and why?

My favorite athlete would be Kobe Bryant because I was a Lakers fan from a very young age so I ultimately watched him the most.

Favorite sports team? Any sport you want ... who's your favorite team and why?

My favorite sports team is the Los Angeles Lakers because I grew up watching them since I could remember and my whole family likes them as well.

Once your sports career is over, what do you want to do with your life, career-wise?

Once my sports career is over, I would like to be in the business management field due to my interest in working with a team.

What's on your "Bucket List"??? Somewhere amazing to visit?? A Sports event to experience?? Whatcha got??

Something on my bucket list is to visit Italy or Japan. Visiting New York during Christmas and trying all their famous foods would also be on my bucket list as well.

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