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About OCC

Coast brings Southern California lifestyle onto campus 

Lots of colleges offer the same type of bells and whistles, but what separates the top schools from the rest of the pack?

For Orange Coast College, the answer is simple -- location, location, location.

Located along the beautiful Orange Coast, Orange Coast College begins its 68th year in operation with an 164-acre campus of new building and over 27,000 day and evening students enrolled, making it one of the largest single-campus community colleges in the nation.

While OCC satisfies all academic sides of a student's needs, school is only part of the collegiate experience. Being just a few minutes from the beach and just over an hour from the mountains, Coast's near-perfect geography and weather allows students the opportunity to enjoy their time in college, both on campus as well as off.

With plenty of shopping venues, sports facilities, restaurants, concert halls and any other type of entertainment imaginable within driving distance, OCC allows students plenty of extracurricular options once the homework is finished. 

With our motto being, "We'll help you get there," there are nearly 10,000 ex-OCC students enrolled at four-year schools nationally, making it one of the largest transfer schools in the country.

Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, OCC offers a complete transfer program in which students can satisfy all requirements for the first two years of college. 
With excellent guidance and counseling services, students have the help they need to aim their academic program toward a specific university or college.

Orange Coast is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of the public it serves in six basic areas -- vocational education (career programs), college transfer programs, general education, counseling and guidance, continuing education and retraining.

Also, with several support services to take advantage of -- including child care for student-parents, special programs for handicapped students as well as programs geared to help graduates locate their first full-time job in the chosen career -- OCC makes student life as easy as possible.

Orange Coast College takes exceptional pride in the fact that the word "student" comes before "athlete" in the term "student-athlete."

OCC provides a full-time academic advisor on staff to meet almost exclusively with student-athletes, giving the athlete the opportunity to plan out his/her class schedule to fulfill all of their academic requirements and progress towards graduation.

The overall grade point average of OCC student-athletes continually averages at approximately 3.0. Many of our athletes are named to the school's Athletic Honor Roll for academic success in the classroom.

A building boom in the 1970s gave Orange Coast its current administration building, a lecture hall and fine arts building addition, a horticulture center, food services laboratory, student activities center, special services center with faculty office space, the handball/racquetball facility, design and visual promotion building, a literature and languages building as well as a state-of-the-art chemistry structure.

The campus student center and main theater have undergone major improvement projects and an all-new, $9.5 million technology building that officially opened its doors in 1994.

Like a fine wine, OCC's campus continues to get better with age.

As Coast nears its seventh decade, the campus and its facilities have never been better. 

OCC -- a school that continues to improve on excellence!